Do You Feel Lost?
 With No Clear Visibility to Your Global Logistics Supply Chain?

With Laufer's visibility and tracking platform, PeerPlus, importers  gain complete transparency, flexibility and control of their international supply chains - from origin booking through to final delivery and all the milestones in between.

Learn Why Hundreds of Companies Use PeerPLUS™ to Ease Their Worries


Discover What Laufer's PeerPLUS Can Do for Your Business

From the moment cargo is booked overseas to the time it’s cleared Customs and delivered, PeerPLUS™ provides complete supply chain visibility that is simple to access and use, yet unparalleled in the amount of information it provides.

What’s included? Just about everything!

From Start....

* Detailed container and shipment visibility from time of booking through to final destination.

• Access to Real Time Freight Movement -  Gives You the Ability To Respond Quickly to Changing Market and Client Demands.

• Simple and Easy to Use Dashboards That Provide Actionable Intelligence

• Online Booking Approvals and Confirmations - Allow you to proactively manage freight at origin before it becomes too late!: Route, Reroute, Combine, Delay or Expedite Orders 

• Confirmation of Vessel Loading - No more guessing if shipment was loaded on board or not.

• Shipment and Purchase Order Detail- Gives visibility at the container level

...To Finish

• Regularly Updated Milestone ETAs - Provide Accurate In Transit Freight Status and Confirmation of Final Delivery.

• Date and Time Stamped IPI/RIPI Rail Milestone tracking

• Visibility to Container Availability and Last Free Dates - help to manage demurrage and detention costs.

• Door delivery scheduling and appointment confirmations

• Container Hot Button Option allows for Additional Individual Container Prioritization and Control

...And Everything In Between

• Importer Security Filing (ISF) details and transmission reports

• Visibility to Customs fees and applicable duty fees

• Customs Clearance transmission details

• Other Government Agency (OGA) status

• Online 7501

Reporting and Documentation
• Full suite of reporting tools

• Document Imaging

• Telex and Bill of Lading release updates

It's The Experience That Matters - But Don't Take Just Our Word For It!

"Enrolled in Laufer's trademarked PeerPLUS™ 2.0 visibility platform and program, BrownSquirrel has immediate web-based access to all of our containers."
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"Our team was impressed with the transparency, ease of communication, and the support we received from all the people at Laufer."
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