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Since 2020, CBP has collected over $36 million in Trade-Related Penalties and Liquidated Damages. Don’t be a victim of import compliance negligence or worse. 

With all the supply chain uncertainty going on, it’s more important than ever to ensure your supply chain is compliant and ready for the new year and beyond. 

To help you prepare, we created a quick list of the most essential US Customs obligations and responsibilities importers should be aware of and reviewing regularly. 

In this guide you will find 8 essential areas to focus on - including:

  • ​Product Information and HTS Classification - what Customs expects you to know and document.
  • INCOTERMS - What they are and why they are relevant.
  • ​Internal and Customs Audits - What are they, why do them and what do they cover?
“Laufer had an immediate impact on our business by finding an exclusion on one of the highest volume items we import. This exclusion saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of almost a year and a half.”
– Leading Housewares Importer

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Get your 2022 Customs Compliance Guide!